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The Man

Raymond J. Barry was a star athlete at Brown university where he graduated with a degree in philosophy and later completed a degree at Yale drama school. Barry began his career in theater where he performed with such legendary companies as the Living Theater and Joseph Chaikin’s Open Theater. Barry has been non-stop working since shooting Headless in 1995, including Dead Man Walking, Training Day, LIttle Children and recently was on the hit TV shows Ray Donovan and The Shooter. Ray is also an accomplished painter and writer.

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Topless Dnacer - Candy

Jennifer McDonald began her career not in acting but in intelligence work for the U.S Army. She learned to speak fluent Arabic and spent time overseas on spy missions. McDonald had a number of roles after Headless but then shifted her focus to non-profits and co-founded Haydaya, that works to bring joy to displaced children worldwide by providing, toys, books, art supplies and educational opportunities.   



Carl Levin

Paul Williams is best-known for being a prolific songwriter and singer, with some of the most memorable songs ever written, a partial list would include “An Old Fashioned Love Song” by Three Dog Night, David Bowie’s “Fill Your Heart” and “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters.   He’s also known for his musical contribution to film with “Rainbow Connection” from the Muppet Movie that was nominated for an Academy Award as well as penning “Evergreen” from the 1976 “A Star Is Born,” which won a Grammy for Song of the Year. As if that’s not enough, he’s also an actor who’s appeared in hundreds of films and TV shows, most recently scene in the smash hit Baby Driver as “The Butcher” and the TV show Goliath.

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Vic Palmieri

Rustam Branaman hails from a unique artist fabric. His father, a painter, associated with such luminaries as Alan Ginsberg, William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Henry Miller suggested the name Rustam.  At age fourteen, Rustam found his love of directing by directing Nina Simone onto the stage one night when she wasn’t feeling up to task. Since Headless he's made many films, including writing The Bronx Bull about prizefighter Jake LaMotta starring William Forsythe and Any Day, which he wrote and directed, starring Sean Bean.  He is currently working on the biopic Flip, about famed civil rights photojournalist Flip Schulke.

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Bradford Lumpkin

David Selby is highly-regarded for his villainous work on both daytime and nighttime soap classics. He earned a PhD from Southern Illinois University. David is a veteran of the stage where he was eventually discovered, and he has not stopped working since. His work in film is vast, he co-starred with Barbara Streisand in Up in the Sandbox and was in the classic hit The Super Cops, directed by Gordon Parks.  He had a great turn in David Fincher’s hit The Social Network as Gage. His TV credits are numerous, including Castle Rock, Mad Men, Legion and Rizzolie and Isles.  David also penned the play “Final Assault” and is very active at L.A. Theatre Works.

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Letitia Jackson

April Grace hails from  Lakeland, Florida,. Since her appearance in Headless, April Grace has gone on to work with directors Paul Thomas Anderson in "Magnolia" and Steven Spielberg in "A.I Artificial Intelligence". In addition Grace acted in "Good Day To Die Hard" and "Hunger Games" as well as countless television appearances that include "How to Get Away with Murder" and "Sons of Anarchy".

Taylor Nichaols with Rustam Branaman in



Taylor Nichols is from Michigan and studied acting with the great Terry Schreiber and in addition studied tap dance Bob Audy. Taylor has appeared  in acclaimed director Whit Stillman’s films Metropolitan,  Barcelona and The Last Days of Disco. He’s also been in many blockbusters including Jurassic Park III and Godzilla.  Most recently Taylor was in the indie hit Chappaquiddick. He’s been in dozens of TV shows, NCIS, Modern Family and Swedish Dicks and most recently was seen in the hit show  Dirty John





James Bruce started his career as Louis Malle’s protégé. During his tenure with Malle, Bruce worked in production on Atlantic City and My Dinner with André, and then edited Alamo Bay and the documentary God’s Country. Bruce has directed numerous independent films including Den of Lions, and Case 219. He  produced Oka! which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival 2011. He also directed TV such as Highlander, Survivor (Emmy Nomination), Apprentice (2 Emmy Nominations) and Army Wives.  Bruce Executive Produced and show ran NBC’s The Restaurant, Meet Mister Mom, FOX’s Casino and Lifetime’s Project Runway: Fashion Startup. He also produced and directed the comedy web series The Handlers with Bryan Cranston for Comedy Central.

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Peter Koper has worked as a Good Humor ice cream man, a police reporter, Foreign Service Officer,  university professor, foreign correspondent, and writer/producer in movies and TV. He's collaborated with John Waters, Bette Gordon, Dario Argento on wildly independent projects such as Polyester, Variety, Two Evil Eyes, Island of the Dead. To pay the piper, Koper toiled in the bowels of TV as a writer/producer on The Love Connection, America's Most Wanted and FBI Files. He has taught at Hofstra, Rutgers, and Columbia University. He currently writes for Splice Today and is producing the award winning screenplay "Joyful Noise".

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